If you are using a customized / skinned / modified Visual Composer

One of the frequent questions we come across is –

“I’m using some popular theme which came with with Visual Composer built in. One of the features of Ultimate Addons isn’t working with that theme.”

Some theme developers edit into the core files & code of Visual Composer for various purpose such as – adding extra functionality, removing things they don’t like or simply with a purpose with making Visual Composer better in their themes.

Considering Visual Composer is already very developer friendly platform that provides ways to extend itself in an appropriate manner using standard APIs – this isn’t really a good approach. Doing so usually removes the hooks / APIs which Visual Composer provides inbuilt that addons rely on. And as a result, part of the functionality that addons provide, doesn’t work as it normally should. Moreover when theme developers edit into the core files & code of Visual Composer, it becomes difficult for them to provide updates of the plugin and users are left with the older versions.

How to fix this?

Usually, this is simple.

    1. Request clean / unmodified version of Visual Composer to your theme authors (or buy it yourself)
    2. Ask for instructions to the theme authors on how you can uninstall “their” version of Visual Composer and remove modifications completely.
    3. Install the clean version of Visual Composer on your site.

However – since this is more of theme related – depending on the one you are using, the process might slightly differ. Just get in touch with your author who should be quick to understand your issue and provide solution.