Error! Envato API error: Username and/or API Key invalid.

When you try to update the plugin, this error will be the resultant if –

The Envato API key that was entered while you registered your license, was incorrect.
The Envato API key is revoked and no more valid.

Where to get correct / new API key?

Here –

Screenshot –



Now, how to enter this new API key?

Login in to our support center, if not already –
Visit Site Licenses Section –
Click on “De-register” button.
Go to your WordPress site, where you want to update the plugin
Enter correct details (API key) and complete reiteration process.

FAQs –

Why did not you validate the Envato API key at the first place, when I registered?

The answer is simple – we can not. The API is generated by Envato, and we do not have any means for validating it’s accuracy.

Why do I need to enter API key?

To get updates. The plugin files are on Envato servers and when you request an updated version, Envato authenticates your purchase with the API key & your purchase code. If they are correct, Envato grants your request and shares the update files.