How to Display YouTube Subscribe Bar for Video?

Video element provides an option to display a YouTube Subscribe Bar. When you choose to display a YouTube video, this option will appear as a separate tab.

Below are the options available under YouTube Subscribe Bar tab –

  • Select Channel ID/Channel Name: You need to link the subscribe bar with your video channel on YouTube. To connect to a channel you need to choose either its name or ID and enter the value. Read How to Find YouTube Channel Name and Channel ID?
  • Subscribe to Channel Text: Edit text that displays on the Subscribe Bar.
  • Show Subscribers Count: Choose if you want to display the current subscriber’s count.
  • Text Color, Background Color: Customize the Subscribe Bar completely with these options.
  • Padding: Manage space around the bar.
  • Stack on: Choose to stack the text and button on various devices. It is usable on responsive devices where you need to stack content.