Video Element

Video element uses an innovative optimization technique. It provides a smart way for embedding YouTube, Vimeo videos to your page without sacrificing page speed.

Following key features makes the element unique –

  • Loading Time Optimization – element embeds the thumbnail image of the YouTube/ Vimeo video instead of the actual video.
  • Custom Thumbnail Image – Set a nice thumbnail image for video with overlay color.
  • Play Button Customizations ( Supports Image, Icon ) – Set icon or image as a play button with hover animations.

Here is a comparison between page speed – Embedding video with Traditional way vs Embedding video with Video element.

Make sure to activate the Video Element from dashboard settings. From the dashboard navigate to Ultimate > Modules and turn on the toggle for Video.

The element allows embedding video from YouTube and Vimeo.

Video Options For YouTube video

  • Autoplay: Video will play automatically on the page load.
  • Suggested Videos: After the video you’re watching ends, the player window shows a grid of “suggested videos.” These video suggestions are chosen automatically from YouTube’s public video list.
    – If set to hide – the player will display related videos from the same channel as the video that was just played.
    – If set to show – the player will display the related videos from the random channels.
  • Player Control: Choose whether to display controls like play, pause, volume controls, full screen and more.
  • Mute: Allows muting the video.
  • Modest Branding: Prevent the YouTube logo from displaying in the control bar.
  • Privacy Mode: This prevents YouTube to store the visitor’s information on your website unless they play the video.

Video Options For Vimeo video

  • Autoplay: Video will play automatically on the page load.
  • Loop: Choose a video to play continuously in a loop. The video will automatically start again after reaching the end.
  • Intro Title: Displays title of the video.
  • Intro Portrait: Displays the author’s profile image.
  • Intro Byline: Displays the author’s name of the video.
  • Controls Color: Set color for the video player controls.

Set specific play time for video

The element allows entering –

  • Start and End time for YouTube video
  • Start time for Vimeo video

When a user clicks to play the video, it will start playing from the defined start time and will stop at the defined end time.


1. To embed videos, enter a full link for the video.
For example,

For YouTube video
✔️ Valid link:
✖️ Invalid link:

For Vimeo video –
✔️ Valid Link:
✖️ Invalid Link:

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