Version 3.14.0

– New element: Team
– Improvement: Interactive Banner 2 – HTML Tag
– Improvement: Smooth scroll – Compatible mode, Speed and steps options
– Improvement: Flip box – ultFlipBoxClicked event added for developers 
– Improvement: Font icon manager – Updated URL scheme fix using set_url_scheme while loading fonts
– Improvement: BSF CORE – registration menu under dashboard, addon resources under resources page
– Improvement: Responsive font size, line height and Google fonts added to all elements
– Improvement: Row Separator – New “Multi triangle” separator
– Improvement: Video Backgrounds – Placeholder position set to center
– Fixed: VC 4.8 compatibility issue with vc_generate_dependencies_attributes
– Fixed: Google font manager – subsets are not working if Load scripts globally option is enabled
– Fixed: Advanced Carousel – navigation styles
– Fixed: Hosted video background – Full height dimension causing text outside
– Fixed: IB2 – Broken image tag removed if image not selected 
– Fixed: Unoptimized JS+CSS Interactive banner not working if IB2 added on same page
– VC 4.9 compatible for row backgrounds and margin bottom 

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