Version 3.11

– New Element: Content Box
– Improvement: iHover – Responsive Nature
– Improvement: Creative Link – Added link alignment option
– Improvement: Dual Button – Added responsive option
– Improvement: Horizontal Slide effect for tab
– Improvement: Added glow effect to Hotspot icon
– Improvement: Added link option to Hostspot icon
– Improvement: Info Table – Added minimum height option.
– Improvement: Price Box – Added minimum height option.
– Improvement: Advanced Carousel – Adaptive Height
– Improvement: Flipbox – Added option for display flipbox content vertically center
– IMP Fix – YouTube Backgrounds – Updated mbYTplayer script to fix YT poster policy change
– Fixed: Nested container elements for nested element
– Fixed: Expandable Section – jQuery Enqueue
– Fixed: Advanced Tab – Slide & Fade effect smoothness
– Fixed: Google Map – Tab, Accordion issue and Modal
– Fixed: Parallax – Disable on mobile issue
– Fixed: IB2 – Custom height issue
– Fixed: IB – Icon issue with description text typography
– Fixed: Hosted Video Background – Height issue
– Fixed: Broken Dependency – vc-inline-editor.js in backend
– Fixed: Info Banner – arrow issue
– Fixed: Hosted Video Background – Mute option not working for multiple videos
– Fixed: Info Box – Image icon misalignment
– Fixed: Count Down Timer – Conflict with other bootstrap-datetimepicker JS
– Fixed: Headings – Responsive font size not working in carousel
– Fixed: Google Fonts – multiple same font with different variant issue
– Fixed: Row Separator – Icon alignment when type set to none
– Fixed: Row Backgrounds – Browser full dimension improvement

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